In Dealing with People, Dr Judy Esmond and her dedicated team have helped corporations, businesses and organizations effin ectively dealing with people of all types.

We’ve taught, coached and worked with thousands of people to assist them in successfully dealing with difficult people who may be…

* employees and staff
* managers and leaders
* work colleagues
* teams and groups
* customers and clients
* patients and caregivers
* partners and families

Our Services for Dealing with People

We work with you as part of your team to customize the services required to meet your needs including:

* In-house Workshops
* Business Based Consultations
* Mediation Sessions
* Private and Personal Consultations
* Public Workshops and more…

Our Director – Dr Judy Esmond

Dr Judy Esmond

Dr Judy Esmond is a leading international expert on stress, conflict and dealing with difficult people. She also works extensively in the volunteering field.

Judy is our Director and holds a Diploma in Welfare Psychology, a Bachelor and Masters degree in Social Work and PhD in Educational Psychology.

She is one of the most in-demand consultants and speakers and her workshops are always continually sold-out.

Judy is the author of numerous publications and is considered amongst a handful of ‘leading lights’ whose advice is constantly sought by corporations, businesses, non-profits and individuals on dealing with all issues relating to stress and difficult people.

You can contact Judy and her team at:


Mobile:    0417 451 661
Phone:    +61 8 9371 2677

Address:  PO Box 722 Inglewood WA 6932

We look forward to assisting you in dealing with people in your business, organization and life!