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Are You Dealing With Difficult People in Your Life?

Then this needs to change…

Dr Judy Esmond

Dear Friend,

From: Dr Judy Esmond
Re: Dealing with Difficult People

You and I both know that it only takes one difficult person, left unchecked, to wreak havoc upon and even destroy the most successful relationships, groups or teams. Yet mostly this destructive behavior is ignored or handled so badly, that it results in the demise of many promising relationships, teams and projects.

Very few people know how to deal with difficult people ranging from the mildly irritating, or quietly manipulative, through to the overtly destructive, dangerous and downright UGLY behavior!

You need ideas and solutions that you can put into action now to deal with the difficult behavior of others. That’s why we created this very special DEALING WITH PEOPLE package for you!

Introducing the Dealing with Difficult People Package

You can download your DEALING WITH PEOPLE PACKAGE that contains not one, but FOUR LEARNING TOOLS with everything you need to listen, read and watch to take action. In this package you will be well on the way to Dealing with Difficult People you come across and you will learn…

How to use a range of sure-fire strategies to de-escalate and defuse any difficult situation.

The ways to identify situations that increase conflict and develop skills to manage them.

How to effectively handle manipulation, threats, personal criticism, sarcasm and abuse.

Understand the underlying emotional basis of even the most difficult behaviours.

When and how to use verbal responses to de-escalate inappropriate behaviours.

Develop strategies to handle your own personal stress that comes from dealing with the difficult behaviours of others.

Here’s What is Included in Your Package…

Benefit One: Audio Interview

Listen to your in-depth audio interview with Dr Judy Esmond and Dr Michael Tunnecliffe. Both are leading experts on dealing with difficult people and their difficult behaviors.

Benefit Two: Full Report

Read your full report of the interview. You can read along with the audio of the interview. Or you can download your full report and read anytime you want.

Benefit Three: Summary Slides

View your summary slides of the main points to remember from the interview as a quick read reference for you. These slides provide a quick reminder for you to the important aspects discussed in the interview. You can simply refer to these slides at any time to remind you of what is most relevant for you.

Benefit Four: Quick Action Guide

Take your quick Action Guide and start putting these ideas and strategies into action immediately. The Action Guide reinforces the most important points from the interview to start to make happen.

PLUS: Your Free Introductory Guide

Plus! If you haven’t already downloaded your free Introductory Guide with 17 Ideas on Dealing with Difficult People this is also available for you too.

This DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE package gives you so many ideas and ways to begin dealing with all sorts of difficult people and their appalling, frustrating and stressful behavior.

You can download it all to your computer, mp3 player or burn it to a CD and access it at anytime. But I want to make sure you are truly happy with your package so here is…

My Absolute Guarantee to You!

Here is my promise to you. I’m so confident that you will find so many great ideas and strategies on dealing with difficult people in this package.

But, upon downloading the package, if you do not feel that you have received value for money then…I will cheerfully refund your money by crediting your credit card for the whole amount. I just do not want any unhappy customers.

Your Investment…

Now this DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE package could easily sell for $77. But to get you started right now we’ve made it available to everyone at the very low price of $27.

Not $77 but only $27


You can securely pay through using paypal or your own credit card and receive your Dealing with Difficult People Package instantly. Just click on the ‘add to cart’ button to access your own personal ‘Dealing with Difficult Package’.



Dr Judy Esmond

P.S. Make sure you get your ‘Dealing with Difficult People Package’ now.