Coping with Difficult People at Work Who are Your Negative Coworkers

Coping with difficult people at work often involves those who are your colleagues and coworkers.  Dealing with difficult people who are very negative can be a very draining process for everyone.  In other articles on dealing with difficult people we’ve considered those very negative people that you come across at work and home.


But let’s add more ideas for you on handling coworkers who are frustratingly negative and put everything down.   We’re always looking for good information for you to add a further perspective to dealing with difficult people. on Human Resources has a number of very good articles for you to read more about.

You can read the full article entitled How to Deal with a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters by Susan M. Heathfield but here are a few summary points from the article to consider…


Here is a quick interpretation of some ways to deal with negative coworkers from the article…

1.  Avoid spending too much time with such negative people – their negativity can be draining

2.  If you cannot avoid them and must work closely with them, try to set some limits.  Try to not become  involved in negative discussions explaining you only want to come from a positive perspective.

3.  Never, ever become a sympathetic audience for negative people.  You will fall further and further down into negativity too.

4. Consider discussing the situation with your supervisor, manager or mentor.  Often discussing the situation with someone outside the circumstances can provide you with a range of different strategies to reduce the negativity of another person.

5. It might just be time for you to move on to another position within the company or leave and go elsewhere.  Staying positive about yourself and your job is very important both psychologically and physically for you.  If you find, when all else fails, that you are becoming increasingly down and demoralized in dealing with difficult people such as this negative coworker, then it is time to move on.


Again, you can read the full article too.  And make sure to read the other articles on this website too. But what do you think? Have you other ways and thoughts on coping with difficult people who are negative both at work and in your personal life?  Just add your comments below, we’d be delighted to read what you have to say on negativity and coping with difficult people.

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